Saturday, May 17, 2008



It is very possible the Terror Attack on Philadelphia that the Bible Code predicted for MAY 11 2008 was PREVENTED on MAY 9 2008.

At approx 2:30 PM EST on MAY 9, Canadian Authorities stopped and quarantined two passenger cars on a train heading towards New York State from Ontario. Initial reports said, "Several people were sick with a "mystery" illness with flu-like symtoms. Medical teams wearing level 5 bio suits, removed seven passengers from the train and escorted them via police car and military helicopters to a hospital.

The next day the news report was that one older woman died from one unnamed virus and the other passengers were infected by a different "unnamed" virus. NO FUTHER INFORMATION WAS EVER RELEASED.

It is very possible that MAY 9 Terrorists were traveling on this Canadian Train on their way thru New York State to Philadelphia and would launch this Ebola Attack on MAY 11. Yet they could have infected themselves and Canadian Police, on alert for terrorists traveling towards Philadelphia and an EBOLA warning, stopped this train and PREVENTED this terror attack.

Events are too close and too coincidental to rule out this prevention-possibility. If this is true, this information would be released around OCT 2008, to help McCain win the NOV Election. Our government would not mention a stopped EBOLA attack now as this could trigger mass panic. That is like yelling "shark" at a crowded beach on the 4th of July.

Hopefully this Ebola Attack was prevented... but another attack on Philadelphia is still possible as "missile" was clearly in this Philadelphia Code.

WATCH AND BE READY... for Israel must stop Iran's nuclear program and probably this year and this military strike will trigger DOOMSDAY!

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Friday, May 16, 2008



MAY 16 08 code update: at this point in time it is impossible to know if this Ebola Attack on Philadelphia was released? We will know over the next few days as the Bible Code seems to indicate the Attack would happen on MAY 11. This would mean people will begin to show up infected MAY 16 (11 Eyer). Remember the Bible Code does not say, "the city will be infected on MAY 11". The Code says,

PHILADELPHIA- EBOLA- TERROR- BY HUMAN HANDS, HOLIDAY- MOTHER'S DAY- "11" (376 times) and 11 EYER. (Mother's day was May 11 and May 16 = 11 Eyer, the Hebrew month of May).

We will soon know if this code/attack was released or prevented? This code did say PREVENTION - YOU - RADIO and since FEB 08 we launched a non stop media campaign to make this code known to both our government, the city of Philadelphia and the public and it seemed clear that "people were listening". One fact is clear, our understanding of the Bible Code needs a major update.

Up until today, those who study the Bible Code or hear of it believe the Code is a "series of possibilities" that happen or not. I don't believe this statement is accurate and misses a major reason that GOD encoded The Bible as the code does say, "GOD HAS ENCODED, GOD IS TRUTH".

Beyond showing us all that God did encode the Bible (five books of Moses) the code is far more than just "possibilities". I believe the Bible Code is a PROPHETIC WARNING SYSTEM FOR ISRAEL. I first revealed this in SEPT 06 and I will be expanding upon my theory in the next few days, time permitting.

Again to say, this Philadelphia Code "happened or not" misses the mark. Our thinking should be, this attack happened or was PREVENTED.


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. Yesterday was a Day of "Abominations" to GOD. First,
California passed a LAW that "Gay Marriage is legal" and
a group of scientists, working outside of USA law have
developed the technology for designer children, creating
custom made embryos to the highest bidder. Add this to
ISRAEL saying,"We have until June 2009 to stop Iran's
nuclear weapons program or its too late", THE START OF THE

Thursday, May 15, 2008




It is very possible that on MAY 11 terrorists released EBOLA in Philadelphia as a bioweapon (plague). As the number "11" appears in this code 376 times, it is possible that on MAY 16 (11 EYER) the first persons will show up sick at Phila hospitals with severe Flu-like symptoms. How will we know? (people infected with EBOLA show symptoms between 2-12 days).

If 2 or 3 persons show up sick on MAY 16, we may not hear about this. When 10-15 people show up sick over the next few days this may be on local news. When 20-30-40 people show up sick at hospitals and men show up wearing level 5 HAZMAT suits with Military Personnel, WE KNOW THE PLAGUE HAS BEGUN.

If there is a terror attack this month in Philadelphia, the code says CIA- BLAMES - IRAN -EVILOER... and I have no doubt President Bush will launch this massive attack against Iran and destroy "annihilate" their nuclear program and military buildup.

Today in Israel Pres. Bush said, "The United States stands with ISRAEL against Iran having nuclear weapons" and " To allow Iran to have nuclear weapons is unforgivable."

Well, President Bush only has the power to "Stand with Israel" until the end of his term in NOV 2008. Back to the Philadelphia Bible Code...

We started our campaign in FEB 2008 to make this attack known as best as possible as the code does say PREVENTION- YOU-RADIO. Unfortunately despite three press releases, I was virtually shutdown, having only three radio interview from APRIL 01 to today. So I don't know if PREVENTION was a success or not?

My best advice is WATCH AND BE READY... watch the news and if Philadelphia has been infected with EBOLA, soon after MAY 16 we will all know. (looking back, MAY 16 may be the date when the first persons show up infected by plague.). It is also possible that at the same time this "outbreak" hits Philadelphia, ISRAEL may have launched full scale war against HAMAS as we are one more hamas missile attack on Israel for this to happen.


God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Monday, May 12, 2008



Many people are writing to me today and saying "the attack on Philadelphia did not happen?"... The Code is a lie, your a false prophet and blah, blah blah... but is this true?

No one really knows if Terrorists have released Ebola as a bioweapon in Philadelphia because it would be an invisible plague. We will only know on MAY 16 (11 EYER) if people start to turn up sick at Phila hospitals with severe flu-like symtoms.

As I posted on our site since JAN 08, this Philadelphia Code also said "PREVENTION -YOU". . . and we have worked very hard to make this code known, to expose this terrorist attack in the hope of preventing this attack.

(scroll down this page past the updates).

I don't want to say we succeded = prevention yet because we don't know. (that would be as foolish as Obama declaring victory over Hillary when he has yet to win the nomination, which he will foolishly do on MAY 20).

FACT: since we made this code more and more known, "someone" seems to have been listening.

4-4-08: Philadelphia issued their Emergency Response Plan to a "Hazardous Incident".

5-1-08: HLS issued an ALERT that a small boat could be used in a terror attack to quote "launch a missile from".

5-1-08: A second USA air craft carrier/battle group is heading to the Persian Gulf to "send a message to Iran".

Philadelphia was one of ten cities to install the PANTHER bio-decetor but I believe that is for airborne pathogens not EBOLA spread thru water (bible code= CONTAIMINATION-WATER).

One fact is clear: terror attack or not, ISRAEL said they have until mid- 2009 to STOP Iran's nuclear program or its too late as Iran will have a nuclear weapon. Any attack by Israel on Iran spells DOOMSDAY!


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. many write to me and ask if their name is in the bible code. To those who ridicule and mock the bible code, you are in THE CODE because encoded right thru the word "Philadelphia" is "mockery, ridicule, scoffing". Remember too, they mocked NOAH, saying a "flood, your insane".. until the day it started to rain"... peace.

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