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As I study this bible code for the MAY ATTACK on PHILADELPHIA, there are actually two dates encoded with Holiday (10 times), 1) The Eve of Eyer which is MAY 5 and our National Day of Prayer and 2) MAY 11 which is Mother's Day and Pentecost. SO it is possible this terror attack could happen on either day. The number "11" is encoded 376 times (a shadow of the 9-11 attack). with this said,

It is a mistake to say "I will watch both days and see what happens".

We should watch these two days or the week of MAY 5 to MAY 11 in light of IRAN and what they do and say. Right now, IRAN is being pressured by both the USA and Iraq to STOP their nuclear weapons program and STOP sending weapons and explosives to militia groups in Iraq that are killing both Iraqis and USA soldiers. A second USA air craft carrier/battle group is streaming to the Persian Gulf to quote "Send a message to Iran", that we are not playing games and an attack on Iran is a real option.

I believe the Bible Code is telling us that between MAY 5 and MAY 11, either IRAN will back down and STOP their nuclear program and conform to the U.N. resolutions or Iran will become more defiant in the face of this massive USA Threat and launch this attack on Philadelphia, USA.

THIS IS WHY THE BIBLE CODE IS BASED ON POSSIBILITIES, possibilties based upon free will and in this case, the Free will Choice of IRAN and the USA RESPONSE.

If ths MAY Attack on Philadelphia happens, President Bush will launch a massive naval and air attack on Iran that has a 99 percent chance of triggering world war , the FIRST of TWO RAPTURES (for the worthy Christians) and the START of The Tribulation, the coming of Antichrist with his plan for world peace thru a "new world order".


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

note: on Saturday, MAY 3 @ 9:00 PM EST to 10:30 EST, Pastor Harry will discuss the bible code and the MAY 2008 Attack on Philadelphia. We hope you can join this all important discussion. click on the blogtalk radio link on our site @

Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Today, DEF SEC Gates announced the US NAVY is sending a second Air Craft carrier-battle fleet to the Persian Gulf. Sec Gates said, "this will send a strong message to Iran to stop their nuclear program but does not mean USA is about to launch an attack on Iran." WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?

In light of the MAY 2008- PHILADELPHIA- ATTACK in the bible code, I believe that Pres. Bush is giving Iran their last chance to SHUT DOWN their illegal nuclear weapons program, and stop arming terrorists groups in Iraq and against ISRAEL.

If Iran backs down in the next four days, I believe this attack on Philadelphia will be averted.

If Iran does not back down and becomes more defiant, I believe the Ebola Attack on 5-5-08 will happen and Pres. Bush will launch a massive air and sea attack on IRAN (Bible Code).

This attack has the clear potential to trigger W.W.III in the form of a Holy War against Israel and global terror attacks against the USA, Canada and Europe. (this will happen if HAMAS blows the Dome of The Rock Mosque in Jerusalem and blames Israel, as Hezbollah launches non stop missile attacks against all Israeli cities.).

If this USA attack happens on Iran and the Dome Mosque is blown, The First of TWO RAPTURES (for the worthy Christians) will happen in less than 30 days and Antichrist as the new "messiah" will step onto the world stage with his plan for world peace. (and the tribulation will soon start).

This page will explain exactly what can happen if Philadelphia is attacked on 5-5-08 and again, the USA NAVY will have two air craft carrier fleets off the coast of Iran to launch this massive counter attack and make the bible code come true.

WATCH AND BE READY for Jesus said he will come
for his true followers on a day and hour when we do
not expect".... Pentecost 2008? Time will tell?

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. in light of the potential for this attack and the panic buying that would certainly follow, I suggest we all follow thye USA Government Plan to have one week supply of non perishable food, bottled water, medicine, a filled gas tank etc.

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