Friday, April 03, 2009



I seldom get caught-up in conspiracy theories AS BIBLE PROPHECY AND THE BIBLE CODE IS ALREADY ON THE CUTTING EDGE... but the APRIL 03 09 shooting massacre screams of the MK-ULTRA Assassin Program that was suppossedly ended by The CIA. It is common knowledge that The OBAMA Administration is seeking to restore the Assault Weapons Ban and add to the list in an attempt to DISARM THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IN COMPLIANCE WITH UNITED NATIONS MANDATE. Now we have the "lone gunman" going on a shooting rampage in a NY STATE building and then killing himself.

Was this shooter a victim of CIA Mind Control, a Dark Operation to achieve the Goal of Banning Guns in America? We must remember that Bill CLINTON used the Oklahoma City Bombing to wage WAR on quote "militia" groups and pass the ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN which Obama and Hillary Clinton seek to restore and worse.

Whether this shooter was a victim of MK-ULTRA, we will never know but what I can promise is Obama and Hillary will use this shooting tragedy to RESTORE THE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN AND WAGE WAR AGAINST GUN OWNERSHIP IN AMERICA.

It is much easier for Antichrist to come and take over America and the world if America is disarmed, at least if the SALE of all guns and ammo are BANNED. Europe is a virtually GUN FREE ZONE after other massacres by quote "lone gunman" in THE UK and GERMANY.

WATCH AnD BE READY.,,, for the start of the Apocalypse is near and the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES, the ESCAPE for the true followers of JESUS is even nearer.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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