Tuesday, May 08, 2007



It is possible, a POSSIBILITY that The First Rapture (of two) could happen on JUNE 12 2007 AD = the 40th anniversary of Israel retaking JERUSALEM, their ancient capital and holy city.

In Matt:24... JESUS gave us the parable of the fig tree (Israel). He spoke of a final generation of Israel (40 years) that will see the Great Tribulation.

If JESUS meant JUNE 12 1967 AD as this "final generation", then on JUNE 12 2007, The First Rapture (for the worthy Christians) will happen and Antichrist will be revealed as the savior of all religions, faith and creeds. (1967 + 40 = 2007).

If JESUS meant the second generation of ISRAEL (1988 + 40 = 2028), then the Tribulation will start before 2021 AD with seven years for the Tribulation . . . and most probably before 2012 AD as Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2010 AD and satan will gain control of America in NOV 2008 via Hillary and her democratic party of Lucifer (666).

JESUS did say the First Rapture will happen and the Tribulation will come upon the world as a TOTAL SHOCK- just as the Flood came upon the ancient world as a total shocking event.

True, The Date of JUNE 12 2007 is not found in The Bible Code programs I have used and it is not encoded with "rapture" but this doesn't mean the First Rapture cannot happen: JUNE 12 2007. It is possible that GOD did not encoded the date when the First Rapture will happen so it comes as a complete and total surprise and 2) because GOD may not want the world to follow The Bible Code during the tribulation.

God may went the world to follow his 144,000 Hebrew Prophets (Rev:7) and his two super prophets (Rev:11).... while Antichrist uses and manipulates the Bible Code to promote himself as the new "messiah"...

I encourage you during the next 34 days until JUNE 12 2007 AD to "WATCH AND BE READY"... to do as the Holy Spirit leads you.

If God tells you to do something= do it. And if God tells you to stop doing something= stop. BECAUSE YOUR VERY FATE AND LIFE MAY DEPEND UPON THIS!





God Bless,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Sunday, May 06, 2007



Once again, a mile wide tornado virtually destroys the entire Baptist town of Greensburg, KS. Then as over 100 more tornadoes smash Kansas, the scream goes forth across pulpits of this nation", TEST OF FAITH".

Is the destruction of Greensburg a simple "test of faith", of belief in Baptist Dogma? According to the Bible, the answer is a resounding "no". To claim a disaster is a "test of faith" assumes that everything in your life is right with God and you are not in a state of rebellion. In the case of The Baptist (Bible) Cult, they are not as "righteous Job" but in rebellion of the worst manner!

Baptist Theology promotes a False Gospel that tells believers they are "Once Saved, Always Saved", guaranteed heaven and a rapture by belief alone (OSAS). This lie is nothing more than a LICENSE TO SIN and a cash cow for donation plates.

God allowed the entire town of Greensburg, KS to be literally destroyed along with their Baptist Churches. The survivors are not being "blessed" or "tested" but rather left only with their lives, their free will and their rebellion against God. Hopefully some of the Greensburg Baptists will repent of following and loving THE LIE of OSAS" ( "always saved" theology) and follow the Truth of The Gospel = that we must continue to follow JESUS and overcome (sin and satan) to attain heaven. (see: Jn:10:27-28-29 and read verse 27 first).

How many tornadoes and floods will it take Baptists to repent of their false doctrine, of the OSAS lie that allows them to do whatever they want and believe heaven is there reward? I dont believe 10,000 tornadoes will awaken the Baptists and all of the other Bible Cults across America. If anything does, it will be when Baptist and Pentecostals and Catholics find themselves LEFT BEHIND when the First Rapture happens and the true followers of JESUS are taken, raptured inbto heaven. (Lu:21:36 = Matt:24:40 = Rev:3:10).

Ironically, millions of Baptists will be left behind while they hold their "left behind" books in their hands, a book that falsely promises guaranteed rapture for all Baptists!



God Bless and follow JESUS not the falsehood of men.
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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