Monday, May 10, 2010


Is Christine Aguilera promoting Satan's Sex Church?

Is Chrustine Aguilera promoting SEX CHURCH, the coming religion of ANtichrist wehn sex and religion become one? Is the Pope Catholic? Does Bigfoot poop in the woods???

in her new video, Aguilera shows the full gamat of this coming sex religion (MYSTERY BABYLON= REV:17) in which she shows herself as a BiSExual, having sex with girls and guys, as a sadist and a machocist and having Sexual orgies inside a Church Building.

Many top female entertainers are promoting Sex Sexuality and Sex Church to tekksn and Children including Britney, Biance, Briana and Lady Gaga= but none as blatant and openly as Christine Aguilera. She also made statements about women being sexually aggresive that are directkly from Antichrist sites.

Learn more about this coming religion of 666 and sex @

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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