Friday, November 16, 2007



Yesterday, Bill Clinton announced he will release classified UFO files gathered while he was president. Why is he doing this? I believe to further the Agenda of Antichrist.

Soon after the First Rapture happens, for the Christians whose walk was accounted worthy, Antichrist will come onto the world scene as the "world teacher" = maitreya) as the savior of all religions, faiths and creeds.

Antichrist will explain away the believers TAKEN in the first rapture as "alien abductions". So it is important to build a belief in UFO's today for satan's great delusion tomorrow. The devil does not have the ability to "rapture" say 700,000 persons from earth. But he can and will lie and deceive the world as to why these people were taken.

On our site I suggest a new theory that (eons ago) an alien spacecraft crash landed on earth and satan took possession of this alien technology and crew. Will satan send Antichrist to earth in this spacecraft as the STRONG DELUSION to come upon the world? Well many sources and the Bible Code says "yes", Antichrist could come to earth in an alien spacecraft once the worthy believers are raptured to heaven.

JESUS warns us to "watch and be ready".... and pray our walk with God is worthy of a rapture escape.

God Bless in these end times
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Wednesday, November 14, 2007



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