Thursday, January 17, 2008



note: Bible Code: MAY 2008- PHILADELPHIA ATTACK- EBOLA- EYER. The Hebrew Month of EYER is found in this code and I believe this is the "date" when this attack could happen. EYER is the Hebrew month of MAY and this year runs from MAY 06 to JUNE 03.

UPDATE::: Many people are writing to me about the MAY 2008 PHILADELPHIA bible code and asking me if any other cities are found in this code. I did an exhaustive search of this code (matrix) and I only found one city encoded, MIAMI (FL). here is what this code says:



The phrase "secondary target" is very ominous as it shows the military-like precision of the bible code predicting the next terror attack on America.

I believe this attack code can be prevented thru mass awareness as this code says PREVENTION - YOU (4 x). You can help by fwd the page below to everyone you know and sending it to all USA government agencies involved in our security.

Make no mistake. If this MAY 2008 code happens, it will trigger W.W.III as IRAN BLAMED (code) and President Bush launches full scale war against Iran (code) This would trigger a wave of global terrorism and war against Israel- leading to the Crash of the USA stock market and The First of Two Raptures- then the coming of Antichrist (start of the Tribulation).

Maybe if enough people care enough to make this code known, God will postpone the First Rapture t0 2010 AD (bible code) giving more believers time to make their walk with God "accounted worthy" of heaven.

I am doing all I can to make this code known- are you?

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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