Friday, December 23, 2005



The more I look at Santa Claus Christmas, the more it seems like organized madness. Baptist & Evangelicals have a manical hatred for any thing "magic". They bash and trash Wicca, Witchcraft and Harry Potter as "of the devil" , yet they turn around and promote The SANTA LIE to their children complete with a magic sled and "magical" flying reindeer.

Can't these twisted "Christians" see this hypocrisy? or maybe they so believe their delusion of OSAS ("Once Saved Always Saved") that even lying to children at Christmas becomes a good and wholesome, "Christian magic".

As I have said many times since SEPT 1997 (when our site was first posted). . . if 100 million Baptists and Evangelicals with their false "assurance" of heaven and their Santa Claus are the ones who are RAPTURED into heaven. . . then The Bible implodes upon itself and its time to toss these Books into the fire and Hail (the coming) Antichrist as the true savior. . . HO HO HO !!!!


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Sunday, December 18, 2005



What is the origin of Santa Claus, of the man in the red suit with the white beard and his magic sled and raindeer, led by Rudolf, The Red Nosed Raindeer?" Contrary to popular myth, Santa Claus has nothing really do to with St. Nicolas, a 4th century Bishope who have gifts to orphan children. An ancient, pagan Cult shows, us the first "Santa". . . the man in the red suit.

Ancient Germany, around 100 BC. FESTIVAL OF THE STAG.

The High Priest, (an elder, i.e., white hair & beard) on the winter solstice (Dec 22) would kill a male Raindeer (stag) by a blow to its head. The Raindeer would then be skinned and its skin turned inside out so it becomes a bloody red "robe". The priest would then put this bloody robe on (furry on inside) complete with the raindeer horns and no doubt a bloody red, "Rudolf" nose. Then the high priest (in red) would perform a fertility ritual, having sex with a Virgin female and possibly a human sacrifice as well to insure "winter would end and spring would return". . . HO HO HO?

So Santa started with a pagan ritual of bloody sacrifice and ends today with turning DEC 25 into A Days of Lies, of A ritualistic sacrifice of the minds and souls of Children to the god of winter's cold and fear. It is no surprise that SANTA scrambed is SATAN = The "father of all lies"...

Merry "Santa-Less" Christmas,

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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