Saturday, October 20, 2007



The rumor mill is churning once again and the new fear is that in MAY 2008 The USA will begin microchip implants for all Americans. This lie is even being pushed by Jack Van Impe, another one of the many false prophets on the TV and Internet. here is the truth.

1) I do not believe that verichip will be the Mark of The Beast as it would take too long to implant 4-6 billion people. Something much faster is needed and I believe this will be the next generation implant = DST = Digital Scannable Tattoo, using a type of magnetic ink.

2) The Mark of The Beast does not happen until The Beast (Antichrist) is here and takes over a 10 nation european confederacy. The Mark of The Beast is part of a Luciferic Initiation 666 = where as you must INVOKE SATAN to receive your implant chip to "buy and sell". (Rev:13:16).


3) I am sure the USA Military may use the verichip in limited use say to track Special Forces via GPS. Again. . . mass implanting of humanity will not happen until Antichrist takes over this planet.

4) I also believe the verichip will soon be suggested to implant and track sexual predators who wish to be paroled from prison. I wonder if Hillary Clinton will make this bio tech suggestion?

We are moving very fast to this one world system of digital money and a SDTattoo to be used to make EFTransfers. The good news is that WE CAN ESCAPE 666 = IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES.

God Bless and Be Worthy
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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