Saturday, July 25, 2009



Bible Code Update: The Bible Code warns Obama could have a severe accident on JULY 30, falling down the steps of AirForce 1, breaking his arm and leg/s.

I believe if Obama continues to do evil to Israel, this bible code will happen as "Divine Retribution". As of JULY 25, Obama continues his evil against Israel by sending a powerhouse enclave to Israel comprised of Sepcial Envoy, George Mitchel, Sec. of Defense, Gates and NSA Advisor James Jones to:

1) Pressure and demand Israel STOPS building projects on any East Jerusalem settlements, inlcuding a Hotel project as Obama wants this land given to The Palestinians for his "Two State" Solution.

2) Pressure Israel not to attack Iran and stop their nuclear weapons program- even though Obama has no real plan to stop Iran from developing a nuclear missile and destroying ISRAEL as they have repeatedly threatened.

Of course, this Obama Led Envoy will use THREATS and EXTORTION, threatening to cut-off Israel's $20 billion dollars a year in finanvial and military aid and repeating Obama's Threat to vote against Israel at the U.N.

I believe Obama is doing enough evil to ISRAEL to warrant this serious crash and fall accident, although the Bible Code could warn of 9th AV 2010 which is JULY 20 in the Hebrew Calendar- bible code.

I am curious if President Obama knows of this Bible Code? and will tempt fate by flying on AIR FORCE I on JULY 30 while his Envoy Team does his dirty work against ISRAEL.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. Iran threats to launch missile attacks against Israel's nuclear power reactors if Israel hits Iran... the screws are being turned against ISRAEL and when they do hit Iran... all hell will break loose on planet earth, leading to the FIRST of TWO RAPTURES and the coming of Antichrist.... HOW IS YOUR ESCAPE PLAN? Lu:21:34-36

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