Tuesday, June 04, 2013


BIBLE CODE: W.W.III BEFORE SEPT 5TH 2013 by Harry Walther

"REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 5TH OF SEPTEMBER"... BIBLE CODE: ISRAEL- NETANYAHU- WAR- 5773- WAR OF AMOS- OBAMA- 9AB The Bible Code is telling us W.W.III, starting in the Mideast- the WAR OF AMOS will start in 5773. 5773 is the hebrew year of 2013. It ends on sept 5th 2013= 5774. So the Bible Code is WARNING us that before SEPT 05 2013= W.W.III will be underway... a WAR designed by The Illuminati- to CRASH the world system and usher-in The New Age of LUCIFER- 666. The Code tells us that NETANYAHU the current PM of ISrael will lead ISRAEL to war against hamas, hezbolah, Syria, Muslim brotherhood. It seems a scandal riddled OBAMA may join israel and Bomb Iran's nuclear bases= hoping to make his scandals DISAPPER. INSTEAD--- OBAMA TRIGGERS THE BIBLICAL APOCALYPSE. JESUS said, "No Man knows the day and Hour but my Father in Heaven". (Mt:24:36). YET GOD IS GIVING US A WINDOW IF TIME= 04 JUNE 2013 - 05 SEPT 2013. THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES IS NEAR, WHERE WILL YOU BE WHEN THE SCREAMING STARTS??? TWO RAPTURES @ http://www.satansrapture.com/7772.htm MAIN SITE: http://www.satansrapture.com/ PASTOR HARRY WALTHER- RADIO SHOW http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Pastor-Harry-Walther

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