Sunday, November 30, 2008


"SANTA BE GONE" by Pastor Harry

Once again, we are continuing our war against the SANTA LIE that we started DEC 2004 on The History Channel's WEIRD US Christmas Show. I don't know if this show will play again this Christmas but the santa lie lives on, in Christian homes and Churches across America.

When we truly understand the deep spiritual and psychological DAMAGE done to children by the SANTA LIE, it does not surprise me that SANTA scrambled = SATAN.... as I believe the devil is the author of the Santa lie and its damage upon Children.

What Santa does is turn a child's parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and possibly teachers and pastors into LIARS. All of the adults that Children trust and look to for TRUTH prove to be liars and DECEIVERS. We must wonder if this is not the cause of a HOST of anxiety disorders such as OCD later in life?

In The Gospel, JESUS warns that "all liars", and "all who maketh and loveth a lie" will not inherit heaven. In light of the END TIMES and Bible Prophecy... all who partake in the SANTA LIE will not ESCAPE 666 in the First of TWO RAPTURES.

And in light of Bible Prophecy, this may well be our Merry LAST Christmas. This year, we all have the choice, will we tell our Children the Truth or partake in the SANTA LIE? Please read our complete SANTA INDEX PAGE before you LIE TO A LITTLE CHILD THIS YEAR ABOUT SANTA.

Because if you lie to your Child about SANTA,
they won't believe you when you tell them
about JESUS...

God Bless and remember,


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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