Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Bible Code- $311 Million win-on APRIL FOOL'S DAY?

If I am interpreting my Bible Code correctly, I will win a MEGA MILLION Lottery of $311 during ADAR 2011 which is MARCH 5 to APRIl 6. The code was correct as there was no winner for 3-15-11 and now the mega Million is $202 Million. It is possible I will win this $311 million dollar lottery on 4-1-11= April fool's day..(in the bible code). what is really interesting is HOLLY LAHTI is in my codde with LOTTERY WINNER and she won half of the Mega Million on 1-4-11.. the opposite of "4-1-11'...

Also in my code is LOTTERY twice running into each other like this: LOTTERY-YRETTOL. This could even mean a double win of MEGA MILLION & POWERBALL Lotteries, back to back or say FRIDAY nite& SAT nite? One FACT IS CLEAR::: if I win the MEGA MILLION Lottery... I will start JESUS true Church, based upon the Bible Formula and Truth of WHO JESUS IS= in my new book, JESUS, SON OF GOD, CLONE OF GOD"...

What would you start if YOU win??? IT IS CLEAR... IF I DONT WIN AND START JESUS TRUE CHURCH, NO ONE WILL... "When the Truth of God is preached, the Power of God is released"....a Message that needs to become- reality!

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet@

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