Saturday, February 03, 2007



Another tornado has torn apart a retirement community and mobile home parks in Florida. LADY LAKE Church was also completely destroyed and reduced to rubble. What is unique is this Church was built to withstand hurricane strength winds with the vision of this Church as a super-shelter for the entire retirement community. IT SEEMS THAT GOD HAD OTHER PLANS.

A FOXnews reporter asked the pastor, Larry Lynn, "why was his church destroyed? why didn't God protect this church?"

The pastor, Larry Lynn, replied, "we can blame God or blame other things but I want to focus on rebuilding." On Sunday, this pastor will hold a worship service on the ground and debris where the Church once stood and once again the faithful will chant, "TEST OF FAITH" and vow to rebuild this church bigger and stronger. But the question still remains, WHY DID GOD LET THIS CHURCH BE DESTROYED?

According to The Bible, God allowed this church to be demolished because it is not preaching The True Gospel, but another false message of Guaranteed heaven, another version of "Once Saved, Always Saved".

The time will come when Churches cannot hide behind "test of faith". . . and this is the DAY when the First Rapture happens. Then these fallen Churches will have to make the DECISION of a Lifetime. . . repent and follow The truth of The Gospel or follow Antichrist (666) and perish.

We must be open to the leading and correction of the Holy Spirit and not hide behind "test of faith".

God Bless in these end times,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT



Once again, a tornado has ripped apart a mobile park community and with it a Church was destroyed. This church, LADY LAKE, CHURCH OF GOD, was built to withstand hurricane force winds and the pastor envisoned this re-enforced building as a shelter for the entire community. GOD HAD OTHER PLANS!

The pastor of this church, LARRY LYNN was asked by a FOXnews reporter, "why did God destroy your church? "Why didn't God protect it?"

The Pastor replied, "we can blame God or blame other things but I want to rebuild."

Now this pastor will hold sunday worship in the midst of the demolished church and debris. The Faithful will chant "TEST OF FAITH". . . and seek funds to build the church again- bigger & stronger.

Why did God destroy this Church? Why didn't God allow this church to be a light and shelter to all?

Because this Church, like thousand others, IS NOT A CHURCH OF GOD, NOT A LIGHT TO ANYONE.

Rather than chant "test of faith". . . these churches should respond to the Holy Spirit within and repent of their FALSE TEACHINGS, their false (Baptist) Guarantees of Heaven... and follow JESUS in Spirit and Truth.

Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, lightening bolts. . . Churches can love their lies and scream TEST OF FAITH for today. . . but when the First Rapture happens and they find themselves LEFT BEHIND. . . they cannot hide behind "test of faith" any more.

God Bless and Be Worthy. . . BE A PART OF

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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