Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Upon a complete analysis of the JULY 30 09 OBAMA- ACCIDENT CODE.. (encoded words are in CAPS). I found exactly what was to happen. The bible code shows a SNIPER was going to fire SHOTS at OBAMA as he exists the top of the mobile STAIRS of AIRFORCE I on JULY 30. Obama would be startled, lose his balance and CRASH down the STAIRS, breaking his arm and leg/legs. From a tactical point of view, this assassination attack was effective, as the SNIPER could miss yet cause OBAMA to fall resulting in serious injury or death. THE BIBLE CODE SAVED PRESIDENT OBAMA.

Last week, my OBAMA- ACCIDENT-JULY 30 CODE went out to over 850 news agencies and I believe Pres. Obama was listening. Obama cancelled all flights for JULY 30=9TH AB
and scheduled his "beer sitdown" with Sgt Crowley and Prof. Gates to promote racial harmony between minorities and police.

To Pres. Obama... if you want to thank me, accept the Pres. BUSH Roadmap to Peace that ISRAEL signed with Fatah, a plan that is based upon fairness and the true security of ISRAEL. I doubt if GOD will lead me to find another bible code to protect Obama from Harm.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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