Wednesday, April 27, 2011



The Bible Code warns that Donald Trump will be Assassinated as he runs for President. The first Bible Code that was discovered (1994) and came true was the 1995Assassination of Israel's PM, YIYZAK RABIN. The Bible Code said Rabin would be assassinated in 1995 by A GUNMAN NAMED AMIR AND HE WAS.

To Donald Trump... I can help you use the Bible Code to prevent/stop this Assassination attempt on your life... I have used the Bible Code twice to save Obama from Assassination (working with the FBI, NSA- Im not sure who they were?)...

MR TRUMP... don't ignore the Warning of The Bible Code as did YITZAK RABIN (this code by Micheal Drosnin is documented). CONTACT ME.. MR TRUMP and we can work together to STOP this Attempt on your life and help you to defeat Obama and become President= TIME WILLING THAT IS. contact @ ESCAPE666@WEBTV>NET... provide a valid business phone number ONLY where I can contact you...
Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet@

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