Sunday, October 30, 2011



The Bible Code says we will win the Mega Lottery for TISHRI 2011 which is now OCT-NOV... the current Powerball is WED @ $245 MM... with this lottery $$$= we plan to 1) launch ""...a Global version of our DOOMSDAY TALK radio show on blogtalkradio@

We will also start JESUS true church in Salt Lake City, UTAH as the Bible Code tells us... It is sad that GOD does not have a Church of his own to work FREELY in today because the Churches have corrupted the Gospels= exchanging the truth for sweet and easy lies like "OSAS" or "Once Saved, Always Saved".. the Bible says "WHEN THE TRUTH OF GOD IS PREACHED= OF GOD IS RELEASED"... and we plan to release The Power of GOD, very very soon..more @

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT@

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