Sunday, February 07, 2010



As SUPERBOWL 44 gets ready to play.... war between Israel and Iran is pushed much closer as Iran announced they will increase uranium production. ISRAEL has repeatedly stated that they have until SEPT 2010 to STOP Iran's nuclear program or its too late, Iran could have a nuclear missile which they vowed to launch at Israel and destroy the Jewish State. THE BIBLE CODE WARNS: ISRAEL - IRAN - WAR - 2010 MAKING THE 3500 YEAR OLD BIBLE CODE AS ACCURATE AS FOXnews.

SEC of DEF Gates is scrambling to bring strong sanctions against Iran... knowing that ISRAEL is preparing to attack IRAN and all of Obama's threats against Israel have failed. GATES move is clearly a case of "too little, too late"... as CHINA SAID THEY ARE AGAINST ANY SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN = WHICH BLOCKS ANY STRONG U.N. SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN.


If a comet fragment does impact UTAH (USA) ON 01 MARCH 2010...this will trigger the Biblkical Apocalypse as the muslim world will take this as a SIGN FROM ALLAH to attack Israel and the west. Either way... the mideast is about to EXPLODE in WAR... and this means the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES IS NEAR.

HOW IS YOUR WALK WITH GOD? one of holyness and love and overcoming sin and addiction or are you overcome by sins, addictions and fear? LU:21:34-36

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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