Thursday, September 02, 2010



Remember the story of the TROJAN HORSE? It is possible that there is a sinister and hidden danger of the Cordoba WTC Mosque that the radical, terrorist-supportive IMAN wants to build, it could house a hiddden nuclear warhead that could be detobated and vaporize NYC, from within.

As a protected religious site and mosque (Church) authorities would not be allowed to inspect this Mosque. a Buclear warhead coiuld be smuggled in a large wooden crate and covered with Quaran's and other islamic prayer books. Then when "Allah" gives the command, the nuke within the WTC mosque would be detonated, vaporizing NYC and the Financial Center or America= WALK STREET.

I will be searching the BIBKLE CODE to see if this nucklear threat is encoded, hidden within the walls of this CONQUEST MOSQUE to come.

Very soon...JESUS is coming for his true followers = in The FIRST OF TWO RAPTURE EVENTS.... where will you be when the screaming starts???

Pastor Harry/CH of PHLINT

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