Wednesday, May 28, 2008



The Philadelphia Bible Code is the most complex code I have ever seen, found or worked with. I believe the reason for this is because this is truly THE APOCALYPSE CODE. By this I mean, if this Terror Attack happens = it will trigger the Biblical Apocalypse, the Tribulation.

When we search the Bible Code for events that already happened, using the code is relatively easy. example, the 911 Attack: you put in TWIN TOWERS, PLANES, BOTH WILL CRASH, TERROR & BIN LADEN and these words are encoded as a Bible Code matrix. With a future code, things are more complicated.

With the Philadelphia (May) Attack Code we have multiple dates and events. A Missile attack and a "plague", "by human hands".
We also have both "prevented" and "postponed", a seeming contradiction. We also have "water poisoned- contaminated" and "poison cloud" with the number "11" and "22" , "holiday" and "THE DAY OF MOTHER".

When we put this all together, I believe the terror attack on Philadelphia was to be a two stage attack: First, Ebola was to be released as a PLAGUE on MAY 11=Mother's day. Then a missile would be launched on MAY 22 or MAY 27 (22 EYER) to trigger mass panic and evacuations, spreading infected people and EBOLA across America. THIS DID NOT OCCUR = PREVENTED.

In this Philadelphia Code= MISSILE is encoded with "668", THE DAY and IN THE MORNING. The question, "is "668" a code for the date of 6-6-08? In this code it also says POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE. This would say yes, that 6-6-08 = JUNE 6 2008.

I believe 6-6-08 is the last date for this missile attack on Philadelphia.

If this happens, the code says CIA - BLAMES - IRAN= EVILDOER and BUSH- GREAT WAR- ANNIHILATION.

President Bush will launch a massive counter- attack on Iran that triggers the Biblical Apocalypse, a great war against ISRAEL, leading to the First of Two Raptures and the Coming of Antichrist.

In the Gospel, JESUS warns us to "WATCH AND BE READY".. now we know what to watch for:


God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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