Wednesday, April 04, 2007



If we want to know is behind Iran's release of the 15 british hostages, just look at the words of The Iranian "Hitler".

1) "We welcome friendship with all nations
except Israel."

Iran wants to offer PEACE to all nations who will abandon Israel as an ally . Then Iran and their terrorist puppet, Hezbollah, can destroy Israel. This is a sucker's game because Iran follows a twisted, Apocalyptic form of Islam that says, "Destroy Israel and the great infidel nation (USA) and then their Islamic super-man, MAHDI will return from the sky, finish off all infidels and set up the Kingdom of Islamic rule upon the world.

2) It is prophetic that Hillary, Pelosi, Rosie O'Donnel and the new (liberal) democrats will accept Iran's offer, hook, line and sinker! They will sacrifice Israel in a deluded attempt to save themselves. Bible prophecy (ZECH:12) tells us when the nations turn against Israel (and launch full scale war) YHWH GOD will initiate his End Times Plan. The First of Two Raptures will happen (for His faithful remnant) followed by the coming of Antichrist (666) as the new "messiah", the world savior.

"DIVIDE AND CONQUER". . . a message that Iran and their terrorist puppet states know all to well.

It is this liberal, "trust terrorist" mind set in America plus Iran's refusal to stop its nuclear weapons program that will trigger the Biblical Apocalypse: circa: MAY 2007 to 2012 AD

The clock is ticking. . .. Follow JESUS. . . do what He says... the End as we know it draws near. . .

God Bless,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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