Saturday, December 17, 2005



The new President of Iran is becoming a major threat to world peace. Last month he said, "Israel should be wiped off the map." Last week he stated,
"The Holocaust never happened and is a Jewish Tool for world sympathy". These threats go hand in hand with Iran's all out push to develop a nuclear weapon in 2006.

Will President Bush launch a military strike to stop Iran's nuclear program before this triggers War with Israel? Full Scale War in The Mideast is a very possibility for 2006 AD- leading to The First of TWO RAPTURE events and The Start of The Great Tribulation.

Enjoy your Santa Claus this year because this could well be our MERRY LAST CHRISTMAS. . . maybe this is the last year when God will allow the Birthday of His Son to be corrupted and distorted by Satan and his Santa as Christians parents become "Christian" Liars unto their children and corporations seek to replace the word "Christmas" with "Holiday trees, ornaments and mangers". . .

a message from Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Friday, December 16, 2005



Contrary to Protestant/Baptist Theology, The Bible does not teach Salvation thru Faith Alone (and that works play no role in our Salvation = our going to heaven). Actually The Bible teaches the complete opposite of the Baptist Fundamentalist Dogma.

The Bible teaches that "Salvation is a Spiritual Process, a Walk with God". That our Faith, working together with our works = Salvation Completed. JESUS taught this in many places in The Gospel such as Jn:10:27, Mt:7:21 and throught His letter to the seven churches in Revelation (chptrs 2 & 3) as He reviews "their works" and rewards them or jusges them by their works.

When a person believes The Lie of "Salvation by Faith Alone" this opens the door to partake in The Lie of "SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN" and to lead Millions of Children astray.

Many a blinded Baptist Pastor & their flocks pride themselves that they preach the "UNCOMPROMISING" Word of God. Yet where does The Bible tell us to distort the meaning of Christmas and Lie to our Children that Santa is real and brings toys to good girls & boys?

When we know The Truth of Salvation, (and the role of faith & works) we take a stand against the world, its fallen Churches and its Christmas Lie as we say, "SANTA BE GONE". . .

Merry Santa-less Christmas,

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Wednesday, December 14, 2005



Did you know it is a sin to LIE to your children about Santa Claus? In Revelation chapters 21 (8) and 22 (15) JESUS warns us that, " all who maketh and loveth a lie" and ALL LIARS will not enter Heaven but have their part in The lake of fire"...

Lying to your children about Santa is certainly a LIE.. It gives a Child their first belief system and hope (based around DEC 25) only to have this SANTA LIE shattered as glass... If you lie to your children about SANTA. . . why should they believe you about JESUS or anything else?... Guess what? THEY WON'T!!!

Our prayer this year is that you have the Faith & Courage to say "SANTA BE GONE". . . and tell others the truth about Christmas.... that santa claus is not real and Christmas is really about The Birth of A Savior who is Christ The Lord !!!!


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



On Dec 11 2005 we restarted DOOMSDAY TALK RADIO. We are
broadcasting a special, one hour edition of our live radio show, SUNDAY NITE thru FRIDAY NITE @ 11 PM EST to 12 AM EST.. Soon we hope to return to our original two hour time slot @10 PM EST to 12 AM EST... We hope you can join us and our Christmas discussion about The Damage done by the lie of Santa Claus! DON'T LET THIS SATANIC LIE CORRUPT THE DAY WE CELEBRATE THE BIRTH OF A SAVIOR WHO IS CHRIST THE LORD.

God Bless You,
Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia/Internet @

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