Thursday, October 19, 2006



Halloween is almost here and once again comes the annual Baptist "Halloween Bashing". . . It is sheer hypocrisy when a Baptist or Evangelical condemns Halloween in any way, shape or form as "satanic" yet believes the satanic lie of "Once Saved Always Saved" (OSAS) 365 days a year, including on Halloween.

What should be the Christian View of Halloween? glad you asked.

It is true that Halloween (OCT 31) has its ancient roots in paganism, witchcraft and probably Human Sacrifice on a horrific scale. After all, the ancient Druids named the main stone at Stonehenge, the "Slaughter Stone". OCT 31, as "Sanheim" is also the high "holy" day of witches and satanists around the world which is dirturbing to many parents.


To kids, Halloween is just a fun nite or day at school, when they dress up in costumes and receive candy. So what is a parent to do? Well Halloween is only "Sanheim" or satanic if you make it sas such. If you believe it is wrong to celebrate Halloween in any way, shape or format, then don't! Lock your children in a room, shut the lights and disconnect the doorbell.

IF YOU SHUN HALLOWEEN, then you must explain to your Children "why" and the explanation may cause more damage in the long run as little children will view Halloween as THE DEVIL'S NITE and think something horrible may happen to them. Is a five year old ready to learn the dark and ancient roots of Halloween? maybe the real focus should be lying about Santa Claus on Christmas?

If you believe its allright to let your children dress up in a fun costume and say "trick or treat" then do this. Same with carving a Pumpkin. If you believe this is EVIL and will bring a host of demons into your home, dont carve a pumpkin. if you believe its ok, then carve and lite one.

What I would not do is allow your children to wear dark costumes such as Demons, Glouls, Witches and Seriel Killers because these things are REAL and exist and should not be made into a joke or just "make believe". I also would avoid "Harry Potter" costumes as this promotes witchcraft & spells in the mind of a child.

Lastly, there is a new wave of ultra sexual costumes being marketed to girls as young as 8-13 years old. I would avoid these as well unless you want your little girl to grow up pregnant or with AIDS before they are 17.

Halloween exists in all of its froms and this page is just a common sense approach to this Ancient Holiday turned Secular Holiday. True, when Antichrist (666) comes, he will resurrect "Halloween" (OCT 31) back to its ancient and bloody past-- but for today Halloween is what you make it to be. TRICK OR TREAT?... you decide...

Weigh the pros and cons and whatever you do, dont scream against Halloween because in the process, you will look like a religious ZEALOUT and turn all who hear you off to The Gospel as well.

God Bless,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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