Thursday, May 22, 2008



May 22: 08: code update: The Philadelphia Code is very complex and contains several dates and this brings us to the dilemma, which calendar, Hebrew or English, do we follow to understand this code and what could happen?

The three dates that stood out started in the Hebrew calendar with the EVE OF EYER = which is MAY 5. The second was encoded with "11" and Holiday = which was MAY 11 = Mother's Day. The third date is "22" encoded with missile which seemed to be MAY 22. (all possible dates for the attack?)

We quickly learned that MAY 5 08 was not a date for this Ebola Attack to happen and was encoded with DEFIANCE. On this day, Iran issued three statements of DEFIANCE to The USA and the world saying, "NO THREAT WILL DETER OUR NUCLEAR PROGRAM".

Then it became possible that this attack will be launched in stages. On MAY 11, the city of Philadelphia could be infected by EBOLA as a silent plague and then on MAY 22 a missile could be launched to create mass panic and evacuations= spreading Ebola across America. I BELIEVE THIS FIRST PHASE OF THIS ATTACK WAS PREVENTED.

Today is MAY 22 and no missile was launched at Philadelphia "IN THE MORNING"... so are we safe now? I would say "not yet".

Remember, the first code date was in HEBREW, EVE OF EYER. That would mean MAY 11 and Holiday was still a potential date to infect the city, But following the Hebrew Clendar, "missile and "22" could mean 22 EYER . This date of 22 EYER = MAY 27, one day after the Memorial Day holiday.

It is still possible terrorists could still launch a missile at Philadelphia on MAY 27 and this will trigger a great war with the USA attacking IRAN.

we shall soon know? JESUS said to "WATCH AND BE READY"... and now we know what to watch for. Here is my new page that explains this code in more detail and shows how the Bible Code is really a PROPHETIC WARNING SYSTEM FOR ISRAEL.

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

note: many falsely accuse me of finding more dates to somehow extend the code so it could happen? This is a total lie. The CODE IS WHAT IT IS. I am just faced with this dating dilemma and don't know which calendar to use, Hebrew or English? remember, there isn't a "user manual" for the Bible Code we can turn to. Often we learn by "trial and error" and in looking back and what happened or not... peace..

Monday, May 19, 2008



Thisn is my last post about the MAY TERROR ATTACK-PHILADELPHIA until MAY 23 2008.

At this point it does seem that the MAY 11 Ebola Attack on Philadelphia was PREVENTED thru our using the Bible Code. By today, if Philadelphia was infected with Ebola, at least twenty people should have shown up sick at local Phila Hospitals from a "mystery flu". This is not happening, not on TV anyway.

When I look back at this complex Philadelphia Code, it seems that this Bio Attack was to be released on MAY 11, the first persons would show up sick on MAY 16 and then a missile would be launched on MAY 22 to trigger mass evacuations and panic= spreading this plague across America.

In The OT, GOD told Abraham, "If there are ten righteous (men) I will spare the city." Again, it does seem as though GOD used the bible code and our ministry to PREVENT this attack= "spare the city" of Philadelphia..

We must wonder... could terrorists still launch a missile at Philadelphia on MAY 22? Could an special ops group (Illuminati) do this to trigger war between USA and Iran and end Iran's nuclear threat and madness to their coming "New World Order" (of Lucifer)?

I say this because in the Philadelphia Code, "22" is encoded with and thru the word "missile" and "IN THE MORNING".

Code or no code... ISRAEL must stop Iran's nuclear weapons program and this attack will spell DOOMSDAY! ISRAEL recently said they "believe Iran may have a nuclear weapon by JUNE 2009. The Bible Code says ISRAEL= WAR- IRAN- 2010 AD.

WATCH AND BE READY because The Tribulation could still start between JUNE and SEPT 2008.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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