Friday, October 17, 2008



A Bible Code warns President Bush and Israel may launch a surprise strike on Iran's nuclear facilities before NOV 27, 08 (Thanksgiving) This attack could trigger W.W.III against ISRAEL, leading to global terrorism, the Collapse of the world Economies.... triggering The FIRST of TWO RAPTURES and the coming of Antichrist = start of the Apocalypse.

Nostradamus wrote of MABUS who will trigger W.W.III. MABUS could be an ANAGRAM for MAhoud Ahmadenijad (IRAN) and President BUSH (USA)= MA + BUS = MABUS.

This MABUS Prophecy will come true if President Bush and Israel attack Iran in NOV 2008, before Thanksgiving.

It is also interesting that A-JAD of Iran seems to predict an OBAMA Victory as President when he said yesterday, "We believe the financial crisis in America is a divine sign that very soon the corrupters and capitalism in USA will be replaced with righteous leaders."... is this a reference to Barak Obama and his plan to REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH, the exact socialist plan of Farrahkan and the Nation of Islam?...

a few months ago, President Bush said, "We (USA) will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons"... well Pres. Bush has until JAN 20, 2009 to make this Warning to Iran a reality.

WATCH AND BE READY... if this bible code and Nostradamnus collide in NOV 08, we will see the Biblical Apocalypse start by Christmas!

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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