Thursday, January 10, 2008



FOXNews. The USA government has installed BIO WEAPONS detectors in NYC and 30 other US cities. Maybe our government is following the Bible Code after all and its prediction for A BIO-TERROR ATTACK for MAY 2008 for Philadelphia and Miami (as a secondary target)?

After seeing the 911 attack on the WTC found in the Bible Code, it would be very smart for our government to do so. At least if a missile, armed with Ebola Virus, is fired at Philadelphia (MAY 2008) the detectors would scream across this city. Let's hope these sensors were placed in Philadelphia and Miami.

please read and fwd this page to everyone you know including Homeland Security. Possibly this city can be spared this horrific attack and the bible code seems to suggest this, that we can PREVENT this attack thru mass awareness.

example: forearmed with this (bible code) knowledge, a Philadelphia dock owner would call the police if two arab speaking men wanted to rent a small boat on MAY 6 2008...

If you love God and others, help us warn Philadelphia and Miami. Then again, why would anyone be SILENT with this warning? (Jn:13:34).

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

Wednesday, January 09, 2008



For the last few weeks I have been doing an exhaustive study of the MAY 2008- PHILADELPHIA- ATTACK bible code. I did a code search for many USA and Canadian cities and I found one city in this code matrix, MIAMI.


The Bible Code seems to be saying After PHILADELPHIA is hit by terrorists, using a missile to spread the Ebola Virus, MIAMI, FL
will be the second city to be hit (secondary target). The code also says Miami will be filled with terror and panic as millions seek to flee this city, especially as people believe the Ebola Virus is airborne.

I posted this bible code on our site @ since AUG 2005 in the hopes that thru mass awareness, this encoded Attack can be prevented. Please read and fwd the following page to everyone you know.

If this Philadelphia Attack (code) happens in MAY 2008, this will trigger WW III as President Bush attacks IRAN (bible code) leading to the First of Two Raptures and the coming of Antichrist = start of The Tribulation. I will leave you with the Words of JESUS as to the End Times.

"Watch therefore and pray always,
that you are accounted worthy to
ESCAPE all of these things that
shall come to pass and stand
before the Son of Man."

God Bless, Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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