Saturday, April 01, 2006



FOX NEWS: Iran just test launched a new missile that they claim has stealth qualities. This missile has a range of 1250 miles and can hit both Israel and USA Forces in IRAQ.

Iran's test fire of a new missile is an ominous sign, especially as they are moving to develop a nuclear warhead to be placed on this new missile and have Threatened The Destruction of israel.

It is very possible that Antichrist will be revealed on JUNE 6 2006. . . If this is true, then sometime in the next 66 days, terrorists will blow the Dome of The Rock Mosque in Jerusalem. . . and the First of Two Raptures will happen. This way, Moslem nations will come against Israel with conventional weapons vs nuclear missiles which Iran could have within 6 months to a year. (Passover 2007 AD).

JESUS warns us to "Watch and be ready", that he shall come (for his faithful) in a "day and hour we do not expect". (Mt:24:44).

Who really expects Antichrist could be here on JUNE 6 2006? well if he isn't, (God Willing) he shall still be revealed, on our site and radio show!

God Bless and be worthy!

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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