Sunday, April 30, 2006



As we approach JUNE 6 2006, the secular day of "Antichrist" or The Beast, as Hollywood readies to release THE OMEN 666 (remake) we must ask this question:

"Why don't the self proclaimed prophets and prophetess of The Internet know the name and Identity of Antichrist?

Many claim to hear from God, one prophetess who calls herself "General Sherry" claims "God has called her to fight against Antichrist with her magic crystals and of course, only she has the authentic crystals, but WHY DOESN'T SHE KNOW WHO ANTICHRIST IS?

So many Christians place their favorite Christian author or Televangelist on a Pedestal "of infallibility" be it Hal Lindsay, Tim La Haye, Jerry Jenkins or John Haggee. WHY DON'T THESE "MEN OF GOD" KNOW WHO ANTICHRIST IS? After they, they claim to know everything else about Prophecy and The Rapture?

I believe the answer to this questions is that these prophets & prophetess' are as false as their claims. They do not hear from God and they are only "prophets" in the delusions of their own minds.

As I stated, if Antichrist is not here and reveals himself to the world on JUNE 6 2006, then I believe God is calling me to reveal the true Name & Identity of The Beast. . . and maybe on that day we will all learn something, to follow JESUS and not men or women who claim to be "prophets" or authors for God.

Peace and Be Worthy,
Pastor Harry/ Church of Philadelphia-Internet

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