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Ahmadinejad Assassinated: was the Bible Code wrong?

When I was doing the above code, I ran into a problem that happens from time to time. In translating the name "ahmadinejad" into Hebrew, I found two possible ways to spell his name and both were in the Bible Code. More amazing was that both codes said, "ahmadinejad assassainated".

Code I: this code had "ahmadinejad assassinated" with Israel- sniper- marksman- UN and Tishri. As of SEPT 13 we are in Tishri and Ahmadinejad gave his NYC, UN speech during Tishri.

Code II., this code had "ahmaninejad assassinated" encoded with the year of 5770. This is the hebrew year for 2010. Actually 5770 runs from SEPT 19 2009 to SEPT 19 2010 AD.

Possibly when we put these codes together, Ahmadinejad will give a speech at the UN in 5770 to announce Iran has"nuclear weqapons for defense only". Israel could assassiante him (as the code says) and simultaneously launch an attack to destroy Iran's nuclear program.

one point is clear. The Bible Code clearly speaks of our generation today and the dire threats that the nation of ISRAEL faces. Iran's nuclear weapons program must be stopped and the result will be Global Chaos leading to the First of Two Raptures.

Apart from a major earthquake that destroys Iran's nuclear program, between 2008-2012... we will see the start of The Apocalypse.

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