Sunday, July 22, 2007



On 7.18.07 I discovered a Bible Code that said on JULY 24 2007, ISRAELI PM OLMERT will be assassinated. This is the 9th of AV in the Hebrew Calender and a historic day of doom for Israel.

You can read this link for the complete bible code.

The question now is, "will this Bible Code happen?

or can it be prevented?

Bible Codes, when dealing with people, don't always happen because they are possible futures based upon human free will.

Bible Prophecy is based upon God's Will and this is why Bible prophecy has never failed to happen.

about 7.24.07. . . I believe the Israeli Military uses the Bible Code to try and prevent attacks against Israel. After all, the Bible Code is the computer encoded text of The Old Testament, the Five Books of Moses = the crux of The Hebrew Bible and written in The Hebrew Language. So I am sure PM Olmert was warned of this code, especially as the first Bible Code that did come true was the assassination of Yitsak Rabin (1995) a former PM of Israel.

If PM Olmert heeds this encoded warning, I believe he will be saved by this code. If Olmert refuses to heed this bible code, then he will be assassinated as the code warns on 7.24.07- by GUNFIRE- IN THE MORNING.

I did all I could to make this Bible Code for 7.24.07 known. I had it send it to 850 news agencies and sent emails to the Israeli sources as well.

If Olmert is assassinated on 7.24.07, all hell will break loose in Israel. A new election will be held and I believe BENJAMIN NETANYAHU will become the new prime minister who is encoded as the "doomsday" PM for Israel.

My hope and prayer is that PM Olmert needs this bible code warning and survives 7.24.07.

God Bless and be worthy,
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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