Saturday, February 21, 2009



Israel just held their elections and in a close race, (hard liner) Benjamin Netanyahu was given six weeks to form a unity government. In many Bible Codes, NETANYAHU is the "doomsday" Leader (PM) of Israel, when the Muslim world wages HOLY WAR against Israel. To refenforce the validity of this code, netanyahu was quoted as saying "You do not negotiate with terrorists, you
do not talk with terrorists, the only way to deal with terrorists is to kill them". (this smacks in the face of Obama and his "talk with your enemies" policy).

In six weeks, Netanyahu could be PM of ISRAEL and he could attack Iran in April or early MAY (2009) as new Intel shows Iran has enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear wepaon within one year and ISRAEL cannot afford to miscalculate as Iran has threaneted to vaporize them as Iran wages war against israel thru hamas and hezbollah.

I found an END OF DAYS Bible Code that shows the Tribulation (Apocalypse) could start JUNE 21 2009, with Antichrist making a PEACE Treaty with ISRAEL on JUNE 21 2009. If NETANYAHU becomes PM and hits Iran, in April or early MAY 09, we will see the FIRST RAPTURE, FOR THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS before JUNE 21 2009,
possible on ASCENSION DAY.

ISRAEL MUST STOP IRAN, THIS ATTACK IS NOT "if" but only "when" as Israel believes they must STOP Iran by 2010 AD.


God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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