Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Christians against Christmas... a major mistake by Pastor Harry

Every year there is a movement of Christians against Christmas. These well meaning but deceived believers say that Christmas is pagan, the tree is of pagan origin and Christians should reject Christmas all together. But Christians against their own holiday makes us look like religious fanatics and nuts, EXACTLY WHAT SATAN WANTS! What lunatics are against their own religious holiday? Now let's look at the facts and the best way to deal with Christmas.

Most people know DEC 25 is the traditional birthday of JESUS who was probably born in the Hebrew month of Tishri, on The DAY of Atonement =Sept-Oct) as THE LAMB OF GOD WHO TAKETH AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD.

True Christmas was a pagan holiday but was changed to a Christian Holiday in or around 325 AD by Constaintine, the Emperor of Rome.

True, pagans decorated and worshiped The Evergreen or winter Solstice Tree as it didn't die (each winter) and thought it to be magical.(and they did much more). They danced naked around it, had fertility rites and some cults even sacrificed humans on DEC 21= Winter Solstice. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT CHRISTIANS ARE DOING-



Once again, for Christians to be against Christmas (their own holiday) makes us look ridiculous, foolish and fanatical to the world = exactly how SATAN wants us to appear, as religious nuts.

What is better is to celebrate Christmas as the traditional Birthday of JESUS, that the SAVIOR WAS BORN, CHRIST THE LORD and to remove certain aspects of Christmas that we find wrong or offensive to us personally.

If you want to celebrate Christmas without a tree, gifts or wisemen, that is fine for you.

If you want no tree but to exchange a gift to each child to celebrate JESUS BIRTH as the wise men did, that is ok. WHAT IS REALLY WRONG AND HARMFUL IS TO PARTAKE IN THE SANTA LIE AGAINST CHILDREN.

that is my view on Christmas... what gives LIFE... what makes Christians appear "sane" and reasonable to the world not as religous fanantics against their own Holiday.

remember... christmas is only pagan if you make it pagan... Christmas is only SATANIC if you partake in the SANTA lie.



Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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