Saturday, April 22, 2006



The Bible Code says 2006 AD = YEAR OF The BEAST. I believe Antichrist will be revealed on JUNE 6 2006. Either he will be here in person-- or I believe I am supposed to REVEAL his Identity.

In the Bible Code, my name is encoded with JUNE 666 or JUNE 6/6/06.

Is this a coincidence or my destiny? I hope and pray that I am not mistaken about revealing the Identity of Antichrist on JUNE 6 2006, if He is not himself here on the world scene.

At least I know that I teach The Truth of The Gospel, Salvation and Bible Prophecy on our site, so I will not lead anyone astray who comes to our site as a result of this JUNE 6 2006 Revelation.

I know that once I open PANDORAS BOX, (The Identity of Antichrist) this revelation cannot be stopped. Sadly many people will take (steal) this information and post it on their site (as their revelation) and worse, use this information to deceive others with their teachings.

In light of this-- it is very possible that 1) I reveal the Identity of Antichrist on JUNE 6 2006 as a Final Warning and 2)Antichrist himself will come soon after, say AUG or SEPT 2006.

Please keep me in your prayers because I am sailing down a course of unchartered waters. Once again, I stop and wonder, maybe God doesn't want me to reveal this information at all? Better it is initially revealed by myself than the false prophets and prophetess' on the internet who will attach this revelation to their False Gospels and lead people even farther astray!

God Bless,
Pastor Harry, CH of PHL-INT

Wednesday, April 19, 2006



On JUNE 6 2006, The Omen remake will be released in movie threaters across America. This is not all that will be released.

As I stated, if The Doomsday Scenario is not triggered and Antichrist is not here and reveals himself on JUNE 6 2006, then I believe it is my destiny to reveal the true name and identity of Antichrist. It is possible that this all is part of God's Plan, to have the name of Antichrist revealed to the world (on 6/6/06) and possible Antichrist himself will be revealed a few months later, say in Aug of Sept, 2006. In this way, people will be forewarned of what and who is to come.


God Bless and Be Worthy;
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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