Monday, October 05, 2009



There are more false teaching on The Antichrist and who he is than any other subject in Bible Prophecy. The MYTH and LIE that Antichrist comes as politician is rampant today and escalated when Obama become President. ANTICHRIST IS NOT A POLITICIAN.... REPEAT.... ANTICHRIST DOES NOT COME AS A POLITICIAN.

As I revealed on 6.6.06, Antichrist comes as the world teacher and savior of all religions, faiths and creeds. (PERSONAL NAME = MAITREYA) He will unite the world under a new religion that teaches SEX IS THE PATH to GOD and that SATAN is the true god of planet earth. Then Antichrist (THE BEAST) will lead a Second Holocaustn against Christians = 666.

Antichrist will introduce a new world systrem based on his satanic religion. This THEOCRACY will have a one world monetary system= DIGITAL MONEY= connected to a Digital Scanable Tattoo = DST= as part of a global LUCIFERIC INITIATION= MARK OF THE BEAST = REV:13


GOOD NEWS... before Antichrist comes onto the world scene, will come the FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES... for the true followers of JESUS.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHLINT

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