Saturday, May 17, 2008



It is very possible the Terror Attack on Philadelphia that the Bible Code predicted for MAY 11 2008 was PREVENTED on MAY 9 2008.

At approx 2:30 PM EST on MAY 9, Canadian Authorities stopped and quarantined two passenger cars on a train heading towards New York State from Ontario. Initial reports said, "Several people were sick with a "mystery" illness with flu-like symtoms. Medical teams wearing level 5 bio suits, removed seven passengers from the train and escorted them via police car and military helicopters to a hospital.

The next day the news report was that one older woman died from one unnamed virus and the other passengers were infected by a different "unnamed" virus. NO FUTHER INFORMATION WAS EVER RELEASED.

It is very possible that MAY 9 Terrorists were traveling on this Canadian Train on their way thru New York State to Philadelphia and would launch this Ebola Attack on MAY 11. Yet they could have infected themselves and Canadian Police, on alert for terrorists traveling towards Philadelphia and an EBOLA warning, stopped this train and PREVENTED this terror attack.

Events are too close and too coincidental to rule out this prevention-possibility. If this is true, this information would be released around OCT 2008, to help McCain win the NOV Election. Our government would not mention a stopped EBOLA attack now as this could trigger mass panic. That is like yelling "shark" at a crowded beach on the 4th of July.

Hopefully this Ebola Attack was prevented... but another attack on Philadelphia is still possible as "missile" was clearly in this Philadelphia Code.

WATCH AND BE READY... for Israel must stop Iran's nuclear program and probably this year and this military strike will trigger DOOMSDAY!

God Bless
Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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