Monday, May 12, 2008



Many people are writing to me today and saying "the attack on Philadelphia did not happen?"... The Code is a lie, your a false prophet and blah, blah blah... but is this true?

No one really knows if Terrorists have released Ebola as a bioweapon in Philadelphia because it would be an invisible plague. We will only know on MAY 16 (11 EYER) if people start to turn up sick at Phila hospitals with severe flu-like symtoms.

As I posted on our site since JAN 08, this Philadelphia Code also said "PREVENTION -YOU". . . and we have worked very hard to make this code known, to expose this terrorist attack in the hope of preventing this attack.

(scroll down this page past the updates).

I don't want to say we succeded = prevention yet because we don't know. (that would be as foolish as Obama declaring victory over Hillary when he has yet to win the nomination, which he will foolishly do on MAY 20).

FACT: since we made this code more and more known, "someone" seems to have been listening.

4-4-08: Philadelphia issued their Emergency Response Plan to a "Hazardous Incident".

5-1-08: HLS issued an ALERT that a small boat could be used in a terror attack to quote "launch a missile from".

5-1-08: A second USA air craft carrier/battle group is heading to the Persian Gulf to "send a message to Iran".

Philadelphia was one of ten cities to install the PANTHER bio-decetor but I believe that is for airborne pathogens not EBOLA spread thru water (bible code= CONTAIMINATION-WATER).

One fact is clear: terror attack or not, ISRAEL said they have until mid- 2009 to STOP Iran's nuclear program or its too late as Iran will have a nuclear weapon. Any attack by Israel on Iran spells DOOMSDAY!


Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

p.s. many write to me and ask if their name is in the bible code. To those who ridicule and mock the bible code, you are in THE CODE because encoded right thru the word "Philadelphia" is "mockery, ridicule, scoffing". Remember too, they mocked NOAH, saying a "flood, your insane".. until the day it started to rain"... peace.

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