Friday, August 24, 2012



I have been following a Specific BIBLE CODE since 2006. It has my name HARRY WALTHER encided with RAPTURE and the years 2010 and 2011. Both datesd are encoded with RESPITE which is a short space (before judgement) when GOD gives believers a short space of time to get their life right with Him in following JESUS. This code is also encoded with the year 2012 with no more dates, no more delays. Also the Hebrew month of TISHRI is encoded that starts the Jewish New year on SEPT 16 2012 and runs to OCT 16 2012. It is interesting that ISRAEL is warning the world they may have to strike Iran sometime in OCT 2012 to end their nuclear threat, the EXACT window in this 3500 year olf Bible Code. This Military Strike by israel will trigger W.W.III and the CRASH of the world system leading to the FIRST of TWO RAPTURES and the coming of Antichrist as The E.T. Messiah. True JESUS said we dot know the "DAY or HOUR" (MT:24:46) but we can know the year and month; TISHRI 2012. WE SHALL SEE..."WATCH AND BE READY"... BIBLE CODE PAGE @ MAIN SITE RADIO SHOW

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