Friday, May 06, 2011



The Bible Code states " BARACK OBAMA IS OSAMA"... in light of the movie FACE-OFF and the technology shown, is Obama really OSAMA Bin Laden with facial transplant? Is OSAMA really the President of the United States and OBAMA (wearing Obama's face) was just killed in a Navy Seal Assault?... After careful analysis of all facts= the conclusion is NO... OBAMA IS NOT OSAMA on a physical level... Osama did not have the oratory skills in English to campaign for President in 2008 and continue to campaign and deceive the American people thru 2009-2011... the Bible Code mistaken? not really...

BARACK OBAMA IS OSAMA... in Spirit and Purpose and Plan.. for Obama is pulling ALL USA forces from The Mideast and his Anti-israel, pro terrorist, pro hamas, pro Iranian Agenda is exactly what OSAMA stood for... and The OBAMA/OSAMA Agenda will trigger the Biblical Apocalypse before DEC 21 2012... as Obama will force ISRAEL to attack Iran to stop their nuclear threat.. and this will trgger Global CHAOS..the collapse of our world system and the start og the NEW WORLD ORDER= when Antichrist comes as the Savior of all religions, faiths and creeds... LEARN HOW TO ESCAPE 666= IN THE FIRST OF TWO RAPTURES @

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphioa-Internet @

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