Friday, April 01, 2011



It is clear that there will be Assassination Attempts on Obama's life... hre ie very unpopular and viewed by many as pro-Muslim, Anti-American and Anti-whhite people along the lines of farakkan and th Nation of Islam...

So as JESUS said to "love your enemies"..I did a code search to try and stop this Violence. (and I would never vote for obama either cause to me, a vote for Obama is a vote for satan)... with this said... the Bible Code warns Obama will be Assassinated by poisonous snake venom but necessarily from the bite of a venemous snake.

Last week, a deadly Egyptian Cobra escaped from the bronx zoo and was found about six days later= exactly & strangely where it escaped the reptile house???

It is possible (bible code) that someone stole this name, milked it for venom and returned the snake and this snake venom will be used to assassinate Obama in his own white house... the NYC zoo is not far from WASH D.C. and the white house either... My suggestion..Obama... get a "taste-tester" as did the kings of old or watch your chef closely! (and watch Farakkan too)...

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT@

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