Friday, March 04, 2011


Bible Code Predicts MEGA lottery win-MARCH 2011

My Bible Code says that I will win a MEGA LOTTERY in MARCH 2011... to start JEUS true Church... based upon the truth of The Bible and who JESUS truly is= the SON OF GOD, CLONE OF GOD. (all Churches are based upon the false Roman Trinity of 325 AD, which wrongly declares JESUS IS GOD).

Encoded with my name, HARRY WALTHER and Lottery win- ADAR- 2011 is HOLLY LAHTI, the girl who won half of the $335 Million dollar MEGA LOTTERY in JAN 2011.. HOLLY LAHTI is encoded with PATTERN- EXAMPLE.... if this is true... NO ONE WILL WIN the MEGA-Million tonite @ $105 MM... the lottery will zoom past $200MM to $300MM.. and THEN WE WILL WIN and start the true Church of JESUS'....

TIME WILL TELL... but this Bible Code is BEFORE THE FACT...just as I used the Bible Code to predict the 2009 AMERICAN IDOL WINNER AND LOSER BEFORE THE WINNER WAS ANNOUNCED.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT@

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