Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Yes The Bible Code predicts that HARRY WALTHER (Pastor Harry of will win a $311 MM lottery in MATCH 2011 (ADAR) and for friday The MEGA MILLION LOTTERY = $304 Million. As there is no letter/number for zero in Hebrew of which the Bible Code is seems FRIDAY, March 25 could be this amazing Lottery win@ $304 MM (Million).

If I do win this lottery. I will restart JESUS True Church that was lost after about 140 AD and further twisted and perverted thru the Formation of the Roman catholic Church and twisted even further (from GOD) by Luther and His protestant reformers, who burned "witches" at the stake with a joyous madness.

JESUS TRUE CHURCH is not based upon Catholic & Protestant FALSE Dogmas that wrongly proclaim JESUS AS GOD and other fallicies about Salvation thru Revelation. the true CHURCH is based upon JESUS as the SON OF GOD = CLONE OF GOD... as revealed in my new 2011 book, new book: JESUS, SON OF GOD, CLONE OF GOD" (by Harry Walther).

So far..The Bible Code Lottery is accurate as it predicted that no one would win the MARCH 2011 MEGA MILLION until it passed $300 MILLION and it has for friday March 25 2011... ARE U READY? WILL PASTOR HARRY WIN AND WILL WE SEE A FLOODOF MIRACLES & HEALINGS AS WE READ OF IN THE BIBLE AND MORE?

All I can say is this..."The Churches better prepare... if Im a

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT@

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