Friday, February 04, 2011


Mystery of the Trinity Solved- JESUS, SON OF GOD by Harry Walther

For almost 1900 years, Christians and Churches heard the phrase, SON OF GOD and read the words SON OF GOD but failed to understand what it means. in my new book, "JESUS, SON OF GOD, CLONE OF GOD"... I show exactly what theS ON OF GOD means...

JESUS is the true SON OF GOD... "brought into existance" before the foundation of the world... YES... JESUS HAS AN ORIGIN... as the ONLY BEGOTTEN, SON OF GOD and SAVIOR.... NOW THE MYSYERY OF THE TRINITY IS SOLVED...

This "revelation" is so important because JESUS built and basd HIS CHURCH UPON WHO HE IS..."The Christ, The Son of The living God"... and the Churches built their own church upon WHO JESUS ISN'T.. and thus they do not have the POWER OF GOD.


Pastor Harry (Walther)
Church of Philadelphia-Internet

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