Sunday, February 27, 2011



A message to Holly Lahti... As part of my Bible Prophecy research, I also study the Bible Code and you are in the bible code as a mega lottery winner and more so, you are in my Bible Code. The Code says that we will meet and you will help me build JESUS' True Church... and THE FINAL CHURCH IN THESE END TIMES...

The Bible Code also says that I will also win a lottery so I guess we combine our funds.. (so I am not trying to contact you- for your $$$ as Im sure many people have done). A LOTTERY WIN IS LIKE A TWO EDGE SWORD= IT BECOMES BOTH A BLESSING AND A CURSE! Holly...The Bible Code says more but that is for you and not this world. contact me @ ESCAPE666@webTV.NET or thru our Bible Prophecy Site @

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