Saturday, December 19, 2009


SANTA BE GONE,,, will the Christmas Lie ever end?

Another Christmas is here and the Churches again lack the Faith and Courage to DENOUNCE the SANTA LIE and tell their children the truth about Christmas.

If you believe that DEC 25 is the traditional birthday of JESUS, a savior born who is Christ The Lord, then why distort and pervert this Message with the LIE of Santa???

WHy not present Children with a true and clear view of Christmas? Because SATAN wants Christmas corrupted, SATAN wants Children deceived and lied to about SANTA, to then have their first-faith shattered as glass... and once again, the Churches follow what SATAN WANTS along with a host of other lies such as OSAS= "once saved always saved" and a false guarantee of a rapture for all believers, no matter how Godless a life-style they live.

There is the highest chance this is our MERRY LAST CHRISTMAS, as ISRAEL will probably be forced to hit Iran in 2010... With this in mind, what will YOU do with santa this year::: throw this lie out of your Christmas? or partake in SATAN'S MOST WICKED LIE? Your RAPTURE-ESCAPE depends upon what you do!

Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet@

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