Tuesday, October 27, 2009



The scenario being shown in the movie 2012 may be very close to what will actually happen on DEC 21 2012 AD, the ancient Mayan Year for Doomsday. On this date, GALACTIC ALIGNMENT will occur, when the sun and earth are in perfect alignment with the center of our galaxy, which is a powerful black hole. The sun will be hit with a burst of gravitational energy and what will happen next is open for speculation:

WORST CASE Scenario: POLAR SHIFT could occur where earn turns on its axist. This could trigger mass earthquakes, tidal waves and 1000 mph winds that would basically destroy every structure on earth. BASED UPON BIBLE PROPHECY AND ITS TIMELINE... I do not believe POLAR SHIFT will occur on DEC 21 2012= but it could occur later, say 23 years later from a different comsic event, such as a Supernova event= burst of gamma rays= far worse than the gravitational blast DEC 21 2012 AD.

LEAST CASE SCENARIO (DEC 21 2012) the sun will be hit by this gravitational blast and cause MAXIMUM SOLAR FLARES to hit earth. This would knock out sateliite communications, phones and internet would shut down and a cascade effect will knock out power grids, during the DEAD OF WINTER in the western world.

2012 MOVIE SCANERIO: if the ancient comet planet near passes earth on DEC 21 2012 ??? the gravitational blast could knock this comet planet (planet x or Nibiru) off its course and on a collision course with earth. NASA could shatter this comet with "deep impact" technology, but it would rain flaming meteors (sharpnel) upon the earth. THIS IS THE EXACT SCANERIO WE READ IN REV:8:8-9-10 and its very possible REV:8:8 = DEC 21 2012 AD.


Whatever happens on DEC 21 2012.. I believe the First Rapture will happen before this DATE and Antichrist will declare himself on the world scene.



Pastor Harry/Church of Philadelphia-Internet

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