Friday, September 11, 2009



When we realized that 911 was found in The Bible Code, I started to search the code to try and find and hopefully PREVENT the next terror attack. I believe I accomplshed this when I found and posted an EBOLA ATTACK ON PHILADELPHIA for MAY 2008. On 09 May 2009, Canadian Police stopped and quarantined a train and removed seven passengers who were very sick with "flu-like" symptoms and this train was heading for PHILADELPHIA.

As I was doing a Bible Code on Swine Flu, (April into June 09) I realized that we were seeing the NEXT & WORSE terror attack on America, 911 being the second worst attack.

Back in April 2009, when Swine Flu Outbreak was first announced in Mexico, OBAMA could have taken dramatic action to PREVENT the spread of Swine Flu in America. Obama could have 1) STOPPED all flight in and out of Mexico, 2) SHUT DOWN the legal border between USA and Mexico and 3) used the Military to STOP illegal border crossings. Instead, Obama just watched Swine Flu spread to every city, town and state across America and threaten us all. Further, Obama alloweed flights in and out of USA to continue, spreading Swine Flu world wide.

OSAMA Ben Ladin killed over 3000 America on 911. OBAMA will have killed far more than 3000 Americans this Swine Flu Season and possibly MILLIONS of Americans if Swine Flu Mutates. What is ironic is that Obama and his HLS calls Americans who are against Abortion, Gun Control or speak against his Health Care Plan, potential "domestic terrorists" and has changed 911 DAY from a rememberance of this second worst Terror Attack to a "Service Day". SO WHO IS THE REAL TERRORIST?

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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