Monday, August 03, 2009



I am completing a Bible Code Matrix for 9.9.09. Although this complete date is not found in the Bible code, it is encoded with 9.09 and the year. On this day, 9.9.09..I will reveal this code and what I believe will happen as SWINE FLU turns deadly as the Bible Code warns. Obama has already signed an executive order to use the USA MILITARY against American Citizens to maintain order and enforce a QUARANTINE.

The problem is many people see the DOTS = isolated events but they lack the INSIGHT and WISDOM from GOD to connect the dots and see the big picture. Beck, O'Reilly, and Dick Morris are example of people who who see DOTS but fail to make the connections.

The Hebrew Year of 5770 (2010) is the MOST encoded year in The Bible Code and starts SEPT 19 2009. 5770 has the highest probability to be the year the Tribulation starts= especially as ISRAEL said they have until JUNE 2010 to STOP Iran's nuclear program or its too late.

WATCH AND BE READY... as the First of Two Raptures is near.... when JESUS comes for his true followers, those who do as He Taught! (Lu:21:34-36).

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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