Sunday, June 14, 2009



In the media we hear alot about the "moderate" Muslims who denounce violence and terrorism and want to live in peace with Christians and Jews. The problem is WHERE ARE THESE MODERATE MUSLIMS AND THEIR VOICES?

In the last two weeks, three horrific crimes were committed by Muslims, a Black Muslim and a white Supremist.

1) A Black Muslim convert shot USA army soldiers in Little Rock, AR and the Muslim World in America was as SILENT as Billy Graham over Santa Claus.

2) A group of Muslim Men in Pakistan demanded that a Christian Man convert to Islam (as the Quaran teaches). When the man refused, he was gang raped and stabbed to death. Once again, THE MUSLIM WORLD WAS SILENT OVER THIS HOMOSEXUAL ACT THAT VIOLATES THE QURAN.

3) The white Supremist who attempted a shooting rampage at the Holocaust Museum in Wa DC and killed one security guard blamed his problems on the quote "jews running the white house". REW WRIGHT echoed the exact anti-semetic, Anti-ISRAEL ranting to a reporter a few days ago and once again.. NO CONDEMNATION OF ANY KIND FROM THE MUSLIM WORLD. (Rev Wright has ties to both Farahkkan, Nation of Islam and supports
the Hamas Terror Doctrine).

In addition, ex President Jimmy Carter is on an ANNTI-ISRAEL, pro-paltestian and hamas terror group tour. He told the palestians, quote, 'he teaches his grandchildren of the evils of the Israeli Occupation." NOT A WORD OF CONDEMNATION FROM MUSLIM OR WORLD CHRISTIAN LEADERS... WHERE IS THE BAPTIST OUTRAGE AGAINST THIS ANTI-SEMITIC HATRED?


I often wonder how much resistance the Fundamentalist religions such as Islam and Christianity (Baptist & Evangelical) will have to Antichrist (when he arrives) and teaches his religion of Satan & SEX CHURCH, that sex is the path to God and homosexuality is a divine gift? Maybe as Fundamentalist Muslims and Baptists embrace SEX CHURCH (MYSTERY BABYLON-REV:17) and release their suppressed Homosexuality, their rage and violence will cease as well. FOR THE WORLD WILL EMBRACE SEX CHURCH AND THIS INCLUDES ALL RELIGIONS GREAT AND SMALL, MAINSTREAM AND OBSCURE.

The Good News is WE CAN ESCAPE 666, the coming Church of Sex, Satan and DEATH TO ALL CHRISTIANS in the First of Two Raptures.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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