Sunday, May 17, 2009



I have been warning people for the last 5 years about sherry shriner and her "orgone blasting" ministry. Sherry tries to convince people that reptiltian aliens are real and then, that ONLY her orgone blaster can drive them away. (she makes the same claim for exorcising demons). According to the Bible, only prayer in JESUS name can drive out evil. Sherry may see reptilian aliens in every mirror and behind every tree but there is no evidence they are real and that orgone can protect you against these things. Sherry also falsely claims to be the "prophet of God" and misleads people about TWO RAPTURES and how we can ESCAPE 666. Sherry Shriner also promotes NAZI doctrine in Christian disguise. (maybe sherry should blast herself?)

my best advice about the sherry shriner and her orgone blasters is to exist her sites and read the Bible for yourself. here is my page about sherry shriner and I should know, as I was her cohost for two months, OCT- NOV- DEC 2004 until I realized what sherry was. Im sure sherry has "blasted" this page a few 100 times, but its still online :-)

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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