Monday, November 03, 2008



The BIBLE CODE warns OBAMA - ASSASSINATED in TISHRI 2009 (Sept-Oct) and the reason may be because Obama is found to be a Muslim Terrorist seeking to destroy the United States of America.

There is growing evidence that Obama is a Muslim Terrorist, either a black muslim or Shiite, who is working to destroy our country from within. On my new page you can read the facts and judge for
yourself if there is an OBAMA- REV.WRIGHT- FARRAHKAN- HAMAS Connection.

When we look at the policies and plans of Obama, Osama Bin Laden
could not cause more DAMAGE than Obama seeks to unleash upon America.

1) OBAMA is using "class warfare" in a attempt to win the White
House, pitting the poor against the "wealthy". His TAX plan, during our Economic Crisis will crush the small business owners in America, suffocate investment and bring America towards the collapse of our economy.

2) OBAMA seek to bankrupt and shut down the coal industry. As 50 percent of our electric power grid is powered by coal, Obama will shut down our national power grid and increase electric costs by 5 times what it is today. WHAT FOREIGN TERRORIST COULD CAUSE THIS MUCH DAMAGE?

3) OBAMA seeks a rapid withdrawl of USA forces from IRAQ within 16 months, handing Iraq and its oil fields to IRAN and making them the no # 1 OIL SUPER-POWER in the mideast.

4) OBAMA is not the strong ally of ISRAEL he claims and will work against ISRAEL's efforts to stop Iran's nuclear program. He will also FORCE a pro-palestian plan on ISRAEL via the United Nations.

5) OBAMA seeks to give illegal aliens (and terrorists) driver's license so they can purchase cars, trucks and guns used in terror attack on the USA.

Based upon thse facts, How can we believe that OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM TERRORIST, esepcially when we explore his connection to PLO and HAMAS terrorists and his Rev Wright-Farrahkan Connection.

The Bible Code warns Obama will be assassinated in TISHRI 2009. If he wins tomorrow as President, once his ISLAMIC TERROR AGENDA is revealed-- I BELIEVE THE USA MILITARY WILL TAKE OUT OBAMA (either openly or covertly) and install a new government with HILLARY CLINTON AS INTERUM PRESIDENT and HILLARY welcomes and acceopts Antichrist in 2010 AD (BIBLE CODE).

In the History of the USA we have never seen a Military Coup, but there is a first time for everything. DON'T BE AFRAID AMERICA, DOn'T LOSE HEART IF WE HAVE AN OBAMA-NATION. I have faith in The USA MILITARY TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND FREE US FROM ALL ENEMIES, DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN, including BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Pastor Harry/CH of PHL-INT

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